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Ignite Mentorship

Let's Ignite Startup Growth Together!

Ignite is a mentorship programme for young entrepreneurs in Tanzania with the aim of igniting growth for their startups. Our ambition is to generate measurable impact for the startups and help develop Tanzania’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each entrepreneur (mentee) will be coached by one business mentor for a period of 6 weeks – working on a specific goal.

Why join?


Sharpen your skills as you grow the next generation of young entrepreneurs, help develop Tanzania’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and build your brand as an industry leader!


Learn from real-world experience of entrepreneurs and business experts, receive personal feedback for your ideas and grow your network!

We are now accepting applications as detailed below:


Potential mentors and mentees are invited to apply specifying their area of expertise or need e.g. developing business plan, financial management, digital etc.

Mentors apply here: Link

Young entrepreneurs apply here: Link


Obuntu Hub will review applications and match selected mentors and mentees. Pairs will be matched based on common areas of interest.


After 6 weeks the mentor and mentee review their experiences and the impact of the mentorship compared to the original goal that was set.


Mentors and mentees are introduced by Obuntu Hub and identify goal. They are then encouraged to have weekly exchanges of 30-minutes in person or online.