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Our Impact


Youth Impacted


Youth Trained


Skills Development

“I have learned the importance of doing customer research before starting a business.”

– Hussein

“Before I never used to put savings but after the training on savings I have saved 15,000 in one week. I will now have a safety net when something happens.”
– Neema


Growth and Job Creation

Asia started Asia Beauty Accessories; a salon and beauty shop. After the training Asia developed her idea with everything she had learned during Jijenge. Jijenge helped her in developing more streams of income by adding more products compared to what she had before. She now employs 1 person directly (full time) and 3 people indirectly. 


Resource Mobilisation

One of the participants was a talented young craftsman who lacked the capital to grow his micro-enterprise. He participated in the pitching competition and won an equivalent of $90. With this he was able to buy more raw materials in order to increase his production of Maasai shoes from one pair of shoe per week – to 30 pairs of shoes per week.