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Our Impact


Youth Impacted


Youth Trained

Pilot Programme

The following impact was generated during our pilot programme:


Empowered Entrepreneurs

100% of the participants reported strong improvement in entrepreneurship skills. One participant expressed that “before (he) never used to put savings but after the training on savings (he)  saved 15,000 Tshs ($7)  in one week. (He) will now have a safety net when something happens.”


Responsible Citizens

As part of our CEM training, participants organised a visit to a local orphanage and provided them with food. To finance this they produced, marketed and sold scarves. 86% of the participants felt the training improved their life skills.


Resource Mobilisation

One of the participants was a talented young craftsman who lacked the capital to grow his micro-enterprise. He participated in the pitching competition and won an equivalent of $90. With this he was able to buy more raw materials in order to increase his production of Maasai shoes from one pair of shoe per week – to 30 pairs of shoes per week.